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Ride Along Programs

Clinical Site for EMT and Paramedic Classes

We feel it is a privilege and responsibility to participate as a clinical site for local EMT and Paramedic Certification Programs. Through approved preceptors students are offered a hands-on training environment where they can develop the skills and confidence needed to achieve their certification goals.

Other EMS Agencies

As part of a county wide two-tiered Emergency Medical Services System, we work with the members of first response agencies throughout Tompkins County. As a transporting agency, we value the assistance of these first response units and strive to build an environment of cooperation and trust. In that light we offer a ride along program for those who are affiliated with local first response agencies.

Potential Employment

We have a pre-employment ride along program. The program is designed to provide the potential employee with an overview of our organization, our mission and goals while they are in the pre-screening process for employment. Learning Web / New Vision Students Local high school students who are enrolled in the New Visions Program and/or the Learning Web program have an opportunity to experience the EMS system and build skills first hand as they ride for a day or are enrolled in a six week job shadowing program. This in depth view into an interest area can provide young people with the spark for life-long learning.