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401K Program

We recognize that an important consideration for our employees, in making long-term employment choices, is the availability of a solid retirement program. Therefore we encourage all who meet the qualifications, to participate in the Company 401K Plan. Under the Company plan, an eligible employee may elect to contribute up to 15 percent of his/her pre-tax total compensation, not to exceed the annual dollar limits established by the Internal Revenue Service. Because we want to make a long-term commitment to our employees, we will enhance 401K contributions by matching a percent of every dollar (up to six percent of gross wages) that is contributed. In 2011 the amount of the Company’s contribution is 50% of each eligible dollar.

Health Insurance

The health and welfare of our employees and their families is important to us and quality affordable health care is an important factor. The Company provides medical insurance benefits that are available to all employees. The amount of Company’s contribution toward the cost of medical insurance will vary based on Employment Category. Health insurance benefits are available to our qualified full time employees at no cost.

Fitness Center Membership

Due to the physical requirements of the EMS profession it is highly recommended that employees maintain a program of regular physical activity and strength training. To assist them in doing so, we have a corporate membership with a local fitness club. Our employees are offered a discounted rate, and monthly fees may be automatically deducted from your paycheck.

Education Assistance

Like other fields of medicine, the emergency medical services field has a rapidly changing environment. In order to help our employees, and our Company stay abreast of new developments, we encourage our staff to enhance their education and skills through EMS and other job related training. Accordingly, employees may be eligible to receive tuition reimbursement in part, or in full, for maintaining or upgrading your New York State Certification or other related training.

Uniform Allowance

Employees are required to be in full uniform while on duty. Uniforms are provided at no cost to our employees and each employee is provided with a shoe allowance.

Vacation, Personal, and Sick Time

Employee vacation, personal and sick time varies and is based on Employment Category. Part time employees are allowed one week vacation and full time employees are given two weeks vacation, and after ten years three weeks vacation.

Life Insurance

We provide a $20,000 term life insurance plan for eligible employees. The plan provides for $20,000 term group life insurance. Employees who are eligible for coverage may choose to increase the amount of coverage for a minimal charge.

AFLAC Insurance

We provide our employees the opportunity to select several different insurance options through the AFLAC Program. These options include additional disability, accident, and cancer coverage.

Certification Bonus

Upon successful completion of a New York State Department of Health Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic initial certification our employees receive a certification bonus.

Holiday Pay

We recognize that holidays are a time that you want to spend with family or friends. Still, the nature of our business requires that adequate staff be available to provide 24-hour emergency medical services 365 days a year. To compensate those employees who are scheduled to work holidays we will pay certain holiday shifts at double time.

Length of Employment Incentive

We appreciate the dedication and commitment of our employees, and we recognize that our experienced employees are one of our finest assets. We want to encourage each of our employees to consider their employment as an investment in their future and to remain with our Company for years to come. Therefore, the Company has adopted a Length of Service Incentive program based upon the number of consecutive years that an employee stays with our Company. Once an employee has completed their first consecutive twelve months of employment they will receive an additional 1% (of each weeks wages) Length of Service Incentive, and will receive an additional 1% for every consecutive year of employment thereafter.