Bangs Ambulance, a family owned business, began in October,1945 in a period when EMS had barely even begun. It wasn’t until 1961 when John F. Kennedy began efforts that lead to the creation of the National Highway Traffic Safety Act in 1970; implementing training, state involvement, encouraged community involvement as well as establishing the necessity of Emergency Medical Services.

Prior to the standardized protocol, John and Rita Bangs recognized the need for pre-hospital care and used a “load and go” method. This method utilized the hearses from Bangs Funeral Home to transport the sick and injured while laying down and it was no coincidence Rita was a registered nurse. Rita was ambitious in treating the ill while on the way to the hospital to provide immediate medical care, improving patient outcome. It was in this period, Bangs Ambulance was created.

In 1961, when J.F.K caught up with John and Rita’s ambitions with trainings, protocols, and hands on skills evaluations were implemented starting with your basic life support and progressed all the way up to advanced life support, Paramedics. These trainings are now offered and practiced nationwide.

In the legacy of John and Rita, Bangs Ambulance continues to serve the community in both emergency and non-emergency ways. Bangs Ambulance and Bangs Funeral Home operate as two separate businesses with no correlation between them. However the two companies continue to remain family owned and operated. It is amazing to believe the organization began with that first hearse transport.

Call Volume

   2020 2019 2018   2017   2016   2015
 Total Calls 9.409 12,359  12,320 12,392  11,414  11,715
Ambulance 9.192  11,043  10,550  10.931 10,304 10,609
Wheelchair 217  1,316  1,770  1,461  1,110  1,106

What is an Emergency call?

Bangs Ambulance provides transportation for a variety of call types. An Emergency call is considered a sudden onset of an unforeseen trauma or medical condition that requires urgent care. A non-emergency call is anything from a transport to and from dialysis or the doctors, to a discharge from the hospital. Interfacility transports include a transport from one medical facility to another, or to an extended care facility. Bangs Ambulance also offers wheel chair transports for patients that require or have their own wheel chair and request a specialized vehicle as a means of transportation.